What’s the best Spider-Man movie?
by shurikkaru · 12 comments 22 weeks ago
shurikkaru · 22 weeks ago
Personally I choose spiderman 2 but I want to see other people’s opinions
mikriarktos · 22 weeks ago
To me it's Spider-Man 1
deleted · 22 weeks ago
It’s pizza time
tyche_and_co · 22 weeks ago
I grew up with the original three, but fell in love with Andrew Garfield when the Amazing Spiderman came out. (I was thirteen, if that's any excuse. :')
shurikkaru · 22 weeks ago
I mean that’s onky natural
hyperion · 22 weeks ago
Tobey McGuire
1 and 2 are amazing
3 is kinda cringe but still good
Andrew Garfield
1 is pretty alright. Slight edge but it's good
2 pretty bad
Tom Hollan
1, which is Homecoming, was pretty good. Not what I wanted or expect it but it was good
demon_razgriz · 22 weeks ago
Homecoming in my opinion, but I haven't seen into the spider verse yet, heard really good things tho
dr_richard_ew · 22 weeks ago
I used to say homecoming, then I watched spiderverse and now it's definitely that one
mrfahrenheit · 22 weeks ago
chocolatefeces · 22 weeks ago
companion · 22 weeks ago
spiderverse, hands down no question
chilledtothebone · 22 weeks ago
it was homecoming, but the moment i saw spiderverse that was the immediate new greatest, hands down