Student/writer/artist/fighter/singer/actress/weeb. Nicest Slythie firebender you'll meet. I like long walks in the forest and conversations with my inner demon.

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Fifth dose of art! Sorry I'm late. What do you imagine as the story behind this painting?
Your fourth daily dose of art. Have you ever gotten this feeling from a painting?
This is Pangur. Also a Campus Cat. He decided my laptop case was an excellent bed.
This is Blackfoot. He's a Campus Cat. Followed me til I fed him, but paused eating to dab.
Daily Dose of Art #3. Peaceful, eerie, or magical-- whaddaya think?
Power couple of the century. I ship it.
The votes are in. Daily Dose of Art is now a thing. Day 2, for your viewing pleasure!
What would you guys think of a Daily Dose of Art? Artists always credited, naturally.
can I be convicted for this