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who_cares · 28 weeks ago
@dr_richard_ew I will read and get back to you too.
purplepumpkin · 28 weeks ago
It's 1 am and I need to sleep because I have a crapton of work to do over the w-e but I'll check these tomorrow and I'll definitely come back to give you feedback.
(that's funny, I just spent the whole week taking quizzes and test on quotev with classmates but I hadn't even noticed the story section!)
purplepumpkin · 28 weeks ago
Ok the 2nd one is really short so I cheated and read it right away. First of all I'm a bit concerned about your name, and then regarding the story it's really far from what I'm used to read, but definitely nice. The way you chose to tell it created a warm and sand/dusty ambiance (perfectly fitting the context of the far west) and it leaves me with the impression of sitting in the saloon, looking at tumbleweeds in the distance.
But as I said before I'm not usually into cow-boy stuff, so I lack a reference; what is it a fanfic of?
purplepumpkin · 28 weeks ago
Nope erratum I'm also not used to quotev as a story site and I hadn't noticed it was multiple chapters. I took the first chapter as a short story on its own^^ this time I'm gonna stop spamming this chat, go to sleep and read the rest tomorrow.
creativedragonbaby · 28 weeks ago
@purplepumpkin oh! I kinda rushed her bit because I was having so much fun writing her character! I’ll make an edit in a few hours... got work >.> thanks for the feedback! Very appreciated! <3
dr_richard_ew · 28 weeks ago
It's a fanfic of a youtube short called "backwater gospel". Its absolutely barbaric and I love it
creativedragonbaby · 28 weeks ago
@purplepumpkin I took a quick scan and i don’t see the present tense... you mentioned it’s 1 AM... get some sleep hon
mrsuperman8942 · 28 weeks ago
face muscles.
releasethekraken · 28 weeks ago
My boyfriend, my family, and when people let me pet their doggos
purplepumpkin · 28 weeks ago
@creativedragonbaby It was there : "Like most scientists though, she knows what she talks about [...] that makes her no less brilliant". That's nice of you to worry about my sleep schedule^^
@dr_richard_ew heh I'mma check that as well, I'm in the mood for barbaric today.
dr_richard_ew · 28 weeks ago
Kk! Let me know when you finish :)
riyriamistborn · 28 weeks ago
Where is everyone posting these stories? I need to find a decent website that will keep me actually motivated to write...
Mostly I just have this set up so far, and a few Google docs where I write and keep track of ideas...
who_cares · 28 weeks ago
Use Wattpad. It's awesome @riyriamistborn
riyriamistborn · 28 weeks ago
What makes it awesome, in your opinion? I've been using WorldAnvil, but it seems that's geared more toward building your world and getting things in order, than actually writing out your story.
who_cares · 28 weeks ago
I like the outcome and presentation. It is more enngaging.
creativedragonbaby · 28 weeks ago
So basically how Wattpad is good:
Has a very clean and clear layout.
Very easy to use
You can add images and videos in each chapter /part
Each part is drafted until “published” where it is available to the public.
There are MANY people on Wattpad.
The only sucky thing is that on most popular websites there are no-talents that make it really far...
riyriamistborn · 28 weeks ago
The problem is I don't always write chronologically... I tend to jump around a lot. I have chapters 1-6 written, chapters 8 and 11, then some random chapters from the middle of the book, and half of the chapters at the end.
creativedragonbaby · 28 weeks ago
I have that too.
I wrote the climax battle scene before even figuring out how they got there
purplepumpkin · 27 weeks ago
Ok dr_richard_ew, I'm sorry it took me a lot of time but I finally read it! I like your text much better than the original video x)
I still feel what I felt in the first chapter, I love the ambiance you created, it's very peaceful but in a "clint eastwood" way (if that makes sense). Sorry this isn't really detailed, I lack referencies to compare your work to, but as a reader I love it.
dr_richard_ew · 27 weeks ago
Did you like the twist at the end?