Where is everyone¿
by doctorrichardahh · 33 comments 22 weeks ago
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doctorrichardahh · 23 weeks ago
Also a lot of users left apparently
dr_richard_ew · 23 weeks ago
I'm still here.
I have nowhere else to go
hyperion · 23 weeks ago
Who are you
pokethebear · 23 weeks ago
@hyperion Who are you addressing?
hyperion · 23 weeks ago
pokethebear · 23 weeks ago
I’m an old user. Been here since the early days, engaged in intellectual debate with @mgoveia. (Neither of us are juggernauts).
hyperion · 23 weeks ago
That user has been banned. Oh well.
pokethebear · 23 weeks ago
Ha. Yea.
carbonatedwaffles · 23 weeks ago
He came back as @matthewg
hyperion · 23 weeks ago
Well there is your answer
pokethebear · 23 weeks ago
How were you not privy to that info?
hyperion · 23 weeks ago
Because I lurked for years. Near the beginning. But I never made contact to people
matthewg · 23 weeks ago
I have no clue what you mean, Waffles.
I barely even post any MLP stuff.
silvermyth · 23 weeks ago
I’m still here. Past week has been crazy though
mrfahrenheit · 23 weeks ago
I'm never not nowhere
granlobomalo · 22 weeks ago
Is anyone else mildly amused that @dr_richard_ew responded to a chat by @doctorrichardahh?
bethorien · 22 weeks ago
doctor ahh is a copycat from like months months ago
granlobomalo · 22 weeks ago
Ahh, got it. Or should I say, doctorichardahh got it?
dr_richard_ew · 22 weeks ago
Hes a clone of myself
sassypotter · 22 weeks ago
Trolls are very sad people, they mustn’t have anyone to talk to and irritate irl