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by catfluff · 6 comments 27 weeks ago
catfluff · 27 weeks ago
So I hit my comment limit but I need to reply to people:
catfluff · 27 weeks ago
@purplepumpkin it is actually because we all need a place to belong and feel accepted, often teenagers do not get this from their parents and better associate with peers or people with similar current interests, and the reason for this is as wel develop, we test our boundaries.
By not just adhering to our parents and looking at similar-minded people we can determine if our upbringing should be questioned or not (which it will be, regardless, because only when you understand both sides' viewpoints can you truly state if you agree or not) and you not only copy others like in your first years of life, but yoh question and act of own volition more and more.
You'll be surprised the lengths people will go to to be accepted and feel like they belong - this is one part why cults are so popular - they often provide a place to belong to...
catfluff · 27 weeks ago
... and the charismatic speakers focus on those key points which people can relate to. This is also where in-groups, out-groups, and survivalism come in. You provide for and are provided for in your in-group to combat out-group competition and have a better chance at survival. If you don't belong, you will most likely have died earlier on in survival. Our strength is in packs, and we are psychologically programmed as such.
catfluff · 27 weeks ago
@halfdeadhammerhead the thing is, regardless of if you don't want them, they are going to be thrown away. You can rather take them and give it to someone who struggles - often buying things like lotion, soap, and shampoo come as last resort or is considered luxury items when you have to put your last money together to pay housing and feed your kids, or if you are living on the streets and using rivers to bathe.
Rinsing yourself off with some water will then have to do, and if someone can give you soap or shampoo and lessen that worry - even if it is just to help wash clothes or dishes, it really fricken helps. If you are more presentable people are more likely to give you a chance e.g. at employment.
Point is, you can directly contribute to someone else's longterm well-being, and that is reason enough for me to take the toiletries even if I 'don't like the smell'....
catfluff · 27 weeks ago
Finally, it also makes great emergency supplies for in your car or backpack if you are stranded somewhere or have an unexpected sleepover
purplepumpkin · 27 weeks ago
@catfluff Yep, that's me in a comment! It's actually nice to see people here understand that it helps growing in society instead of thinking we just wanted to be edgy.