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xvarnah · 9 weeks ago
Liberty - Freedom
Hayleigh/Haylee/Hailey - "hay clearing"
Elene/Eline - A variant of Helen. "Torch," "Moon." Helen is the name of a famous daughter of Zeus, whose kidnapping incited one of the more notorious wars in mythology (and in the theatre)
Rose - The flower
Veronica - "True image"
Jasmin(e)/Jessamyn/Yasamen - A plant used for making perfume.
Jessa/Jessica - from "The Merchant of Venice." Possible meaning "to behold."
Odette - from "Swan Lake," the name of a princess cursed to transform into a swan
Anabelle/Anna/Annabella/Arabella - "Lovable"
Qunn - "descendant of conn" 
Delilah - "Delicate," although it is also widely associated with the prostitute who tricked Samson and cut off his hair. Still a pretty name
Atara - "crown"
River - means exactly what you'd expect
funkmasterrex · 9 weeks ago
"And then".
funkmasterrex · 9 weeks ago
@captbojangles18 I second Agamemnon.
funkmasterrex · 9 weeks ago
Why not just go with Aviva itself? It's the same forward and backwards... and the A vs V part with the I separating them is dope. It's beautiful in the symmetry.... and I don't know how you say it aloud, but A-vee-vah and Ah-veh-vah both sound good... plus Viva means "live" so you got "A-live"; "Alive" going with that... das cool. Downside: Aviva PLC is a multinational British insurance company. <_< That's not a very bad downside.
My other serious suggestion: Sheba. It means "Oath" in Hebrew, fitting if you're changing your name, and Sheba was a badass queen. In some texts she ruled the only lands in the known world Solomon didn't conquer, played riddle games with him, and is sometimes believed to be the mother of Nebuchadnezzar II between her and Solomon instead of her and Nabopolassar. Nebuchandnezzar II eventually destroyed Solomon's Temple.
catfluff · 9 weeks ago
aviva · 7 weeks ago
I have procrastinated to respond for so long and I‘m disappointed that I didn‘t soon enough
@unklethan What?
@thatguyyouknow Ok!
@purplepumpkin Those look like awesome names. I‘m not sure what their correct pronunciations are though. Is it mee-lia or my-lia? Is it gra-zee-ella?
@cliquegeek I‘m not a fan of Harry Potter ^^‘
@jasonmon “Wingnut“ has a lot of crazy negative meanings lol. And those are cool names, but they‘re pretty common :)
@xvarnah Thank you for the effort :) I love “Atara“ the most. The other names are really good too. Maybe I‘ll name a future pet one of those names.
@funkmasterrex I object your vote! lol. You have a point. Maybe I‘ll think about it...
aviva · 7 weeks ago
@funkmasterrex ...I never knew about that story. Thanks for the information ^·^ “Sheba“ reminds me of “Shiva.“ I‘m not really in good terms with the girl I know with that name.
@catfluff Is it pronounced like “mar-see?“
Thank you all for taking the time and effort to respond and research! I truly appreciate it :)
purplepumpkin · 7 weeks ago
It's mee-lia and yes gra-zee-ella^^ Glad you like them!
Also I'm so sorry to say that given the beautiful meaning funkmasterrex has provided but in my country Sheba is a brand of cat food x)
funkmasterrex · 7 weeks ago
You're welcome :)
funkmasterrex · 7 weeks ago
Well.. cats are awesome.
purplepumpkin · 7 weeks ago
Yes. They are perfection on this Earth. (However, their food is quite smelly. But once again, the advertisement gimmick, once translated, is "Sheba, to say I love you" so it smells like tuna, but beautifully so.)
dr_richard_ew · 7 weeks ago
Did you ever consider Richard though?
mrfahrenheit · 7 weeks ago
The delicious taste of Coke Zero is the perfect middle name
catfluff · 7 weeks ago
@aviva it is mostly pronounced mar-say for some people, but others do mar-see amd some even mar-chay (in all these the hard sound is on the Mar, and the cé kind of like a wind fluttering by)
cliquegeek · 7 weeks ago
Le me: *sees the creator mentioned me* hajekdknc whatttt
Le me: *reads it*
Le me:
Le me: oof
aviva · 6 weeks ago
@purplepumpkin I‘m glad I got it right! :) How dare @funkmasterrex want me to answer after cat food!? lol
@dr_richard_ew I did but it‘s just not for me.
@mrfahrenheit Huh?
@catfluff A lot of people can‘t pronounce my first name right. I would hate to have a middle name that they can‘t pronounce right either lol ^^‘
@cliquegeek Hmmm lol
funkmasterrex · 6 weeks ago
Le me: oof as well.
jmmcclain · 6 weeks ago
You figure out what you're going with?
catfluff · 6 weeks ago
That's okay, both my first and middle names are a pronunciation and spelling disaster. Makes it better privacy wise cause it's pretty difficult to actually find me online unless you know the exact spelling. Otherwise... Have fun.
aviva · 5 weeks ago
@funkmasterrex Huh!
@jmmcclain I haven‘t fully decided yet but I have a list
@catfluff Lol. I guess you‘re right