by jmmcclain · 32 comments 23 weeks ago
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yamz · 23 weeks ago
Now that we are all here, we may commence this meeting discussing the discussions that we will discuss
flyingoctopus · 23 weeks ago
hydrofalcon · 23 weeks ago
How’s it hanging
nicengelman · 23 weeks ago
low to the left
carbonatedwaffles · 23 weeks ago
I see you're all wondering why I bought you here. Considering the pricetag it was an absolute steal.
yamz · 23 weeks ago
I cannot continue without my friend @purplepumpkin
interesting · 23 weeks ago
calvinoot · 23 weeks ago
parisqeen · 23 weeks ago
How important is this discussion in which we discuss what we will discuss?
zont · 23 weeks ago
natethegreat · 23 weeks ago
yamz · 23 weeks ago
The importance of the discussion in which we discuss the things that we will discuss is of the utmost
purplepumpkin · 23 weeks ago
Here I am, @yamz. We can now continue.
jmmcclain · 23 weeks ago
*clears throat* I'd like to think you all for gathering here today.
mostlyghostly06 · 23 weeks ago
purplepumpkin · 23 weeks ago
The time we've previously set approaches. Everyone here has a crucial role to play. Any element who srews up their mission, compromises the whole project. I want to make sure you all know what we're in.
calvinoot · 23 weeks ago
I'm just happy to be included, in a cult or a cultural festival. :)
parisqeen · 23 weeks ago
Let us bow our heads to our previous fallen brethren of which we now go forth in this mission to honour them.
rydler · 23 weeks ago
My pacy is forged i am ready for the plan to commence again
Dawn shall rise and bring to us a new age
So onward brethren, sisteren, and non-binaren, Yeet upon the day and let us go
aviva · 23 weeks ago