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scatmandingo · 2 weeks ago
Then who is going to finish the bot titles?
bethorien · 2 weeks ago
vulture_ · 2 weeks ago
Not a goodbye or anything, how odd
jmmcclain · 2 weeks ago
hyperion · 2 weeks ago
The man was known as pigeon man.
Can we get an F in the chat
cakelover · 2 weeks ago
Big F for Funsubstance's favourite Norwegian
vulture_ · 2 weeks ago
mialinay · 2 weeks ago
So I actually just messaged him on Instagram and he's fine and appreciates the worries :)
He only wanted to change his username but then the site wouldn't let him. But he promised to be back.
cakelover · 2 weeks ago
The hero we needed but didn't deserve
purplepumpkin · 2 weeks ago
Ah great news!!
catfluff · 2 weeks ago
Ah thank goodness!
vulture_ · 2 weeks ago
Ah ahhh
bethorien · 2 weeks ago
He should have messaged Dave, the old gods used to change names sometimes when asked directly.
I am glad he's just making a new account rather than leaving.
xvarnah · 1 week ago
mr_pigeonwizard · 1 week ago
Oh yes, that's the chat Mia mentioned when she messaged me, I really appreciate the worries, and a sincere thank you to @mialinay for reaching out.
Things have been resolved, cutoff titles will be finished, as before, and there will be more pigeon related posts, with some wholesome goodness in between
cakelover · 1 week ago
Good to have you back old chap
bethorien · 1 week ago
catfluff · 1 week ago
Glad to have you back!
mialinay · 1 week ago
Yeahh so nice to have you back :)
aviva · 1 week ago
Awwn, a happy ending :)