Yo I need your dumb ideas
by mialinay · 27 comments 1 week ago
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cakelover · 1 week ago
"You fell in the gene pool when the lifeguard wasn't looking"
mialinay · 1 week ago
Those are awesome, that's why I love you guys
mialinay · 1 week ago
@purplepumpkin I live in my own place, I really don't care lol
catfluff · 1 week ago
Sweet Mother Theresa on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz!
purplepumpkin · 1 week ago
Whichever one you pick, please post here when you're done :D
captainjackharknes · 1 week ago
"Help, I am trapped in this pen. I only have a few moments of control, so pay attention! You have to-"
nobodyimportant · 1 week ago
"Rules are Rules" ~Kinro, Dr. Stone
I say this all the time, because it got stuck in my head from the Manga and anime
dr_richard_ew · 1 week ago
Luigi says: suck dick get sick
jokur_and_batmon · 1 week ago
Carbonated fruit
xvarnah · 1 week ago
Or from one of the more recent posts:
"Roses are red
Violets are blue
under_fire · 1 week ago
I'd like to see a very very fancy "YEET"
poisin_kat · 1 week ago
“Oh look, a penny”
savage_demmigod · 1 week ago
"Clusterfuck" is a particularly pretty word to do. It's the one I do when I'm feeling shit
f__kyeahhamburg · 1 week ago
So many options:
"Baguette au fromage"
"I really wanna go out with f_ckyeahhamburg"
mialinay · 1 week ago
Hahaha :D
Nice try my dude
spookykink58 · 1 week ago
"Once again I ask for your financial support"
properchaos · 1 week ago
Read from a fortune cookie "that wasn't chicken you just ate"
adam44 · 1 week ago
Stupid ideas I can assist with. Lettering and such, I can not. Point in case: Fire off firecrackers in front of the police station and run.
xvarnah · 1 week ago
Just realized that everytime I come to the website I've misread this as "yo I need your dumb ass" and I never questioned it
cakelover · 1 week ago
What if I've got a smart ass?