captainjackharknes · 6 weeks ago
Jane recently got engaged to her boyfriend, and I can't just bring that up, even her grandfather said it would be a bad idea. I just... I feel so guilty about it.
daxanddevin · 6 weeks ago
Shit. That’s a tough one. As a woman, mother, and former teenager, I wish I had advice for you. There are some things we just never forget. It might make you feel better to let her know you didn’t reject her based on race (or at all, it was a miscommunication). I actually wrote out a few ideas of what to say but they all sounded so fake. Good luck captain.
captainjackharknes · 6 weeks ago
I'd love to just send her a message and come clean, but, she's engaged now, with a daughter from a previous relationship. I don't want to throw a wrench in that. I mean, it'd make things just sorta more than uncomfortable. Maybe I'll wait further on, after she's married...
iccarus · 6 weeks ago
being young, it's hard to find the confidence, don't dwell on it, it may not have worked out for you.
purplepumpkin · 6 weeks ago
If you feel guilry maybe you could just say stuff exactly how you feel them. Like "it was nice seing you the other day. I'm sorry I appeared mean to you as a kid, we had a miscommunication [explain the stuff] I hope we can stay friends. I'm glad you found the person you deserve/[name of guy]/..., congrats on your engagement!"