mikriarktos · 1 week ago
Do you mean collective behaviour maybe? If so then flocks lf birds, fish, dolphins, ants and locusts have collective behaviour
purplepumpkin · 1 week ago
No I mean like collecting objects. Gathering stuff to look at them, I thought magpies did that
and also primates, I took that fact for granted but I appear to be wrong regarding primates and have found nothing on magpies.
mr_pigeonwizard · 1 week ago
I've been looking around a bit, and the results are inconclusive regarding collectional behaviour.
I suggest trying your luck with Quora or Reddit, if you haven't already
purplepumpkin · 1 week ago
I haven't! I'll try that thanks.
nicengelman · 1 week ago
I had a ferret that collected any money it could find, both bills and coins
scatmandingo · 1 week ago
The notion that corvids, especially magpies, have a special affinity for shiny object has been around for more than a century. In fact to refer to someone as a magpie is to describe them as someone who ‘compulsively collects or hoards small objects’. This idea is so old hat that it can feel a bit frivolous to even wonder if it’s true. The trouble with this bit of corvid whimsy, however, is that when we do investigate it, and scientists have, we find there’s no empirical evidence to support it.
scatmandingo · 1 week ago
I stole that from some website.
parisqeen · 1 week ago
Most animals who "collect" things are birds and usually do it in order to spice up their nests so potential females go oo lala.
Bowerbirds are the ones I can think of who do it the most because they collect any and all things blue, females love blue but some Bowerbirds also collect things specific to their own style as nests that are more unique and fancy also attract the ladies. So most acts of collecting isn't really out of fun but mostly out of their want to attract a female with shiny things.
dcottingham · 1 week ago
parisqeen · 1 week ago
Oh my god Packrats yes! They trade things with each other. I thought packrats were just made up rats from Winnie the Pooh for the longest time.
purplepumpkin · 1 week ago
Ok I'll investigate on Packrats and Bowerbirds!!
condor1990 · 6 days ago
I have a cat the collects q-tips a few months ago we found her stash, we got a bin she can't open hopefully
purplepumpkin · 5 days ago
That's the kind of thing I was thinking of, but I haven't found any study on that (are they really collecting or just screwing with you, or pretending to hunt...) However guess what in 1972 some authors concluded that hamsters like to collect glass beads when given the opportunity. They'd choose it over food even.