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dash224 · 1 week ago
Yeah it is annoying, still. I think it's high maintenance for people hosting parties, and the last part again, I feel like was clearly a joke ("stop thinking you're special"), but leave it to people on funsubstance to ruin that. I have also mentioned that the most annoying part about people refusing to drink beer is that most of them haven't had it more than once. I'll say this once more for the people in the back, it is an acquired taste.
purplepumpkin · 1 week ago
And we'll say it once more, we are under no obligation to acquire it. The only thing we'd gain from it would be your approval. No offense but we're ok as we are.
With that being said I think it all got a bit out of hand because sarcasm needs to be weighed more precisely in text format than irl, where maybe your voice would have been an indication of irony. At least we can probably all agree it's the most pointless debate we've ever taken part in.
xvarnah · 1 week ago
*sees thread*
*sees 56 comments*
Aye, that'll be a nope from me
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
I'm fine with most beers, but there are some I can't stand; usually extremely dark beers. My favorite beer, if I drink too much of it, actually makes the roof of my mouth hurt, which sucks. Beer is also not usually my first choice; gimme a triple shot of scotch with one ice cube to sip on and I'm much happier.
interesting · 1 week ago
I feel like we have really lost track of what's truly important, and that's the top 3 best kind of women globally. Italian women are easily in the lead, never met an Italian woman who couldnt cook or I could have a great conversation with, passionate to a fault. Vietnamese women are confident, good humor, and of course--amazing coffee and food. German women are candid, bold, and usually can tune up your car better than you can.
f__kyeahhamburg · 1 week ago
Do you have the same strong feelings against people who don't like, let's say, Kebab?
interesting · 1 week ago
Kebabs are awesome, how dare you even bring kebabs into this. There's proving a point and then there is taking things too far.
rosalinas · 1 week ago
@interesting i thought you're going say we can hide in bushes and tree to stab you which is fair enough
but okay
rosalinas · 1 week ago
and yes Dash, your "grow a pair", calling people "needy",... are all jokes since so many disagree with it (strongly)
but whatever others say is personally attack you and your love for beer
that_creepy_guy · 1 week ago
Crazy how big of a reaction a troll can get. Just let it go, there's no changing anybody's opinions on this :|
dash224 · 1 week ago
Lol rosalinas is still up in arms. Let it gooo. I didn’t even target your comment
rosalinas · 1 week ago
ofc you didn't, what can you say about it when i make perfectly decent point
interesting · 1 week ago
If Rosalinas was up in arms you would know. I think she's being pretty laid back to be honest.
interesting · 1 week ago
Also, yeah Vietnamese women do tend to know how to use knives and firearms. Love it.
adam44 · 1 week ago
What's wrong with calling girls female? They are. I'm so confused.
rosalinas · 1 week ago
@interesting are you the one who told me to fight in the Discord chat?
im pretty laid back (just got my long-awaited order and it puts me in such great mood, it's so fucking beautiful!!!)
spookykink58 · 1 week ago
@adam44, it's not wrong, but mostly frowned upon. It's how incels and misogynists generally refer to women online. It just has a negative connotation to it.
interesting · 1 week ago
Nah I dont even have the discord server info.
rosalinas · 1 week ago
You should join us
I'm cool
And you get to see me fight
carbontech · 1 week ago
I wonder if part of the issue isn't age and inexperience. As others have pointed out, beer is an acquired taste. Most of us taste our first beers in our second decade of life and it's a fact that our taste buds will never be more sensitive than during that window. Even a "tasteless" factory beer may prove unpalatable to a newbie and if you happen upon an especially astringent or overhopped example, it will definitely not be a pleasant experience and one that may sour :) your future expectations. However, if you persevere, some of you may discover, that really good beer is as interesting, nuanced and varied as really good wine and a darn sight cheaper. But if you're not ready or have decided you're done with it forever, that's your business. We all have a right to our choices. Plus there's more for the rest of us.