thatguyyouknow · 5 days ago
People who do the whole 'live - laugh - love' stuff have no taste as well you should ask them they get on with life
dash224 · 5 days ago
lol good one
spookykink58 · 5 days ago
Bruh, my mother had it, it's gonna suck for a few days, but power through it, quarantine yourself, distract your mind, do some catch up bingewatching.
dash224 · 5 days ago
thank you!
spookykink58 · 5 days ago
Most importantly tho, do not let it get to you. The medicines will do their job and you will be up and running in a couple of weeks. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself".
scatmandingo · 5 days ago
Look at this as an opportunity. Bet people who don’t know you have it that you will eat or drink stuff that’s really gross.
adam44 · 5 days ago
You'll be fine. Get some rest and you'll be back to normal in a couple days.
abel_hazard · 5 days ago
Only temporarily with a nasty sinus something a few years ago. The experience sucked rocks.
stormlink15 · 5 days ago
My sister has covid in march or april last year, she lost her taste for months
adam44 · 5 days ago
Let's try to stick positive messages, please.
purplepumpkin · 5 days ago
I get why you're upset, you do have good reasons to complain. But like others have said, it's temporary, so think of the revenge meal you'll get when you get your taste back.
dash224 · 5 days ago
Thanks guys. I’m really tryna figure out my revenge meal cause I need it. Lol
captbojangles18 · 5 days ago
I have a coworker who had it. He had the taste/smell thing too. He said he lost about 15lbs over the course of a week because he just didn't feel like eating anything.
It reminds me of the apple thing from the original Pirates of the Caribbean...
catfluff · 4 days ago
Even like hella spicy things?
cryscross · 4 days ago
I know a handful of people that had the no taste/ smell version. They all had it for a super short amount of time
iccarus · 4 days ago
one day at a time, it'll return. But if you really feel, just being "sad" will make a difference, then you're in the same boat as Padme
famousone · 4 days ago
Once I was blown up and I couldn't taste things for weeks. It'll pass