darkness_within · 5 days ago
@SuperDave - what up? Dark Mode Design, missing buttons, we're on a journey here or is that it?
cakelover · 5 days ago
I thought my phone was playing up
xvarnah · 5 days ago
Been like that for a few hours. The darkmode is new
mikriarktos · 5 days ago
I can't check notifications and comments or upvote and downvote, is it just me or no ? Also, black title on a Dark Mode is not ideal lol
hermionegranger · 5 days ago
Geez, I thought it was my screen.
darkness_within · 5 days ago
seems to be over...
mialinay · 5 days ago
Not for me
liger79 · 5 days ago
The destruction of my happy place continues.
mr_pigeonwizard · 5 days ago
Seems to be working fine now
purplepumpkin · 5 days ago
It was working great a few minutes ago but the buttons are playing dead again.
mr_pigeonwizard · 5 days ago
Yup, and so are the notifications apparently
darkness_within · 5 days ago
@mialinay - still not? Tried the logout-delete-cookies-log-back-in routine?
darkness_within · 5 days ago
Ok, I see it's not working here as well... guess the Maestro is still fumbling along...
xlaxxine · 5 days ago
Don't worry guys... Dave has probably got himself a cat