purplepumpkin · 5 days ago
I hope it works to tag people in Chat titles, but in case it doesn't, @SuperDave, I would like to humbly present a request!
The bots have been getting us a lot of repetitive content lately, several people are not enjoying the overabundance of anime things, I don't know if others feel this way but I'm getting a bit tired of sexualised girls and stuff from history subreddits. These ones are my personal opinion.
I appreciate they're useful because we're obviously not a huge community posting 24/7, but would there be a way for you to change their algorithm? (Also, sorry if you're aware of the problem already, I don't know how long these changes take)
SuperDave · 5 days ago
Thank you for the feedback, I’ll pass this to my dev team so we can fix it.