omar1992 · 4 days ago
Life advice: Always have batteries, torches and candles in your house at all times.
purplepumpkin · 3 days ago
You can also use them to torture people and make satanic sacrifices, which should please the dark overlords and they'll give you your electricity back.
Then hide the candles, in case witch burning is still a thing.
Anyways, did the rest of the day go better?
scatmandingo · 3 days ago
Glow sticks make a great alternative to candles. Much safer and you can pretend like you are at a rave until the lights come on. Also fun for little kids’ bubble baths.
xlaxxine · 3 days ago
Aaaand any advice on heat? Because its hitting 40c here and I wanna be ready
purplepumpkin · 3 days ago
What works for me is rinse your hair in cold water (you can keep it in a little basin and reuse it), drinking cold stuff is a trap as your body produces more heat to compensate, peel your skin off, wear light white clothes, and if there is a lot of sun keep your curtains or blinds close during the day and open the windows late in the evening.
xlaxxine · 3 days ago
Peel your skin off, got it.
mrscollector · 3 days ago
We had a black out here yesterday around 2pm lucky it only lasted about an hour
catfluff · 3 days ago
savage_demmigod · 3 days ago
*sigh * eskom
bensen · 3 days ago
It got better about 10:30, had a good day after that :)