Holy smokes! Fubsub is back!
by strawberrymoon · 38 comments 2 weeks ago
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mr_pigeonwizard · 3 weeks ago
Hi yes i am here still
cakelover · 3 weeks ago
Still here peeps
mia_linay · 3 weeks ago
Still here
mia_linay · 3 weeks ago
Was wondering tho - is @rosalinas still around?
mia_linay · 3 weeks ago
Aaaand what about the incredibly low likes
ewqua · 2 weeks ago
Hmm, I could access the site the whole time but I was wondering why it was so quiet. I honestly thought everyone was just chilling during the holidays and therefore not posting much. Hope y'all are doing well and have a great new year! And an epic New Years party if you're into that sort of thing.
adam44 · 2 weeks ago
Still here as well.
drcuis · 2 weeks ago
Well, I'm still here
thatguyyouknow · 2 weeks ago
Still here
stormlink15 · 2 weeks ago
still here
karlboll · 2 weeks ago
Still around but have been unable to post for a long while now.
karlboll · 2 weeks ago
Woohoo, just saw my post got in despite the error message. *cracks knuckles* Right, i have a backlog to deal with!
klymaxx · 2 weeks ago
Here, but not often. Mostly lurkin'
savage_demmigod · 2 weeks ago
I pop on every now and again, but rarely so. Missing you all though
demryn · 2 weeks ago
I'm here too
memesgobrrr · 2 weeks ago
im an average commenter who rarely posts
rosalinas · 2 weeks ago
@mia_linay sorry, the old Ross cant comment rn, she's dead eheh
mia_linay · 2 weeks ago
Oh hey! :)
maishamir · 2 weeks ago
I'm still here!
dovesoot · 2 weeks ago
Yup! I'm also still here!