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Spamming some more upcycled collars bc why not (。•̀ᴗ-) turns out they sell quite well!
Got into sewing/upcycling recently, just sharing some stuff I made (~‾3‾)~
They usually do
Since we're sharing wallpapers, here's my lock screen, it's a painting by van Gogh :)
The pettiness always makes me laugh (so I made a petty meme about it)
It's so obvious!
Happened a few minutes ago, I'm still like wtf. Consumerism at its finest I guess?
As a woman who doesn't give a damn about fashion, I'm confused by this weird stereotype.
Those darn millennials amirite (sorry for the typo in the post)
The actor who played Robbie Rotten has 4 stage cancer :(