Cheshire 11 comments
guest · 6 years ago
I wish that there were a way to like things harder. Like, a superlike button.
They can still have 'ladies nights' they just can't offer any discounts to 23 comments
guest · 6 years ago
I do find ladies' nights insulting, honestly. "Here, women, we'll offer you cheap drinks so you'll come to a place you've been previously avoiding, possibly either because you don't make as much as your male counterparts and can't avoid it or because you're afraid of being victimized. Maybe being drunk will help!"
Is this what we have come to?! 13 comments
guest · 6 years ago
Oddly enough, these were funny when I was a kid (raised Southern Baptist, not my fault, y'all). Now I just find it really sad that people will make fun of the concept of trying to be respectful.
I wonder what would happen to a guy grabbing women's butts 15 comments
guest · 6 years ago
I'm pretty sure this woman should be sued for harrassment. And none of those poor guys is gonna be able to go to therapy if they need it without catching hell from his teammates :/