One thing that really grinds my gears 20 comments
guest · 3 years ago
To be honest, developed that habit because a game I used to play had free chat and if you didn't get your statement out fast enough, the other person would talk first and your words wouldn't make sense. So instead of saying "Omg did you hear about so-so and their thingamabob?" I'd say "Omg did you hear"....."about so-so and their thingamabob". Anyone else have this habit haha?
afghan hound swimming 13 comments
guest · 3 years ago
That's what I thought! I don't think any dogs have arms that can go vertically outward from their body (horizontally...? I'm still in high school).
What was your Eagle Ceremony like? 10 comments
guest · 4 years ago
It was a pretty harsh day in winter when my eagle ceremony took place. I didn't want a big deal to be made about it, but I still wanted to feel important, so I wore a T-shirt and a pair of shorts and braved the cold. My parents and a few close friends followed me to the nearby highway. It was the clearest spot we could find. I waved my flag and my eagle, Ulysses, appeared on the horizon. He landed on the highway like a plane landing on a runway! A truck drove right into him, but it was like he was a cement bar. The truck did a couple of flips and landed vertical on the highway! WHAT AN EAGLE
Like how is it even possible to break one? 48 comments
guest · 4 years ago
I've never broken a bone, but my mom broke her leg when she was pregnant with my brother.
Still looking at my thumb 14 comments
guest · 4 years ago
When your crush has a decent-sized thumb ;)
What pugs used to look like before inbreeding 11 comments
guest · 6 years ago
Ahhh back when pugs could breathe and walk and have baby's without surgery. Golden days. Thanks for sharing!