Potato appreciation 8 comments
guest · 44 weeks ago
"they never let u down" tell that to the irish
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guest · 46 weeks ago
did exactly this today.
not only was it the wrong class, it was pitch black and a couple of professors were watching a film. it wasn't until i had closed the door that i realized "o fuck" was not the politest way to excuse myself.
Hate my life 10 comments
guest · 47 weeks ago
i'm pretty sure the idea is that arts majors have less class so they have more time for the reading and essays that science majors do not have.
also, top marks in humanities courses tend to be wayyy lower than in science courses (80s vs. mid to high 90s) so this seems like a meaningless use of "easy."
source: one science major, one humanities major
Stimulating impolite Clam 9 comments
guest · 50 weeks ago
I think what happened is the guy on the right got a girl's number the night before and tried to text her the next day. Instead, he got a response from Papa John's, which implies she gave him a fake number. However, he decides to be chill about it and just order a pizza, and the Papa John's employee suddenly remembers that she gave him her number the night before but didn't realize it was him texting her. They then agree to go on a date. It's a cute plot twist.
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guest · 1 year ago
alan turing