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Story: So I was at a restaurant with a bathroom of 3 stalls, the two non-handicappped restrooms were flooded and out of order... I didn't want to use the handicapped one- for the fear of someone w/ real use of it - but i really had to go! But of course, a lady comes in and shakes the door on the stall and says, "Who's in there?!" I could tell she was in a wheelchair and I felt so bad. I tried explaining to her but she began to cuss me out. I don't even finish going pee 'cause I was so scared. I walked out to wash my hands. I thought she would stop but she continues to say that the young people of today don't have morals and whatnot. I felt horrible because I had tried to be so respectful and dignified to this lady, maybe she had a bad day or something. But, she went on... So i literally ran out of the restroom and hid behind my sister like a little kid so she wouldn't see me and hunt me down.
So, kids, that is the story of how I will never use a handicapped person's bathroom again.
This sweet son surprises his mom with her dream car 5 comments
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This is exactly what I needed, thank you. I'm procrastinating big time on my homework right now - but I remember why I'm busting my butt off so much at school . For this...
It controls your entire life 15 comments
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yes, but look - it communicates !
Women 25 comments
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You're right. I mean, if you live in the United States, it doesn't matter if you only earn a portion of the salary. Like the controversial 77 cents for every man's dollar. Pfft. Who cares? At least women have the privilege to be a human being and go out of their houses without asking their husbands for permission (in the United States), right? Wrong. Women are discriminated and harassed every day all over the world. How's that for the sad truth? I can't tell if you're being a troll or not, but man, if you're not, I pity your twisted view of the world we live in today. :/
I mean, if we're going by the new testament, what's the issue with gays? 68 comments
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However for people who believe in this, the way to get to heaven is to love God FIRST and whole-heartedly. Therefore, not entirely egocentric. Plus, it is not bad to want to know what happens to you after you die, if anything, completely natural. Viewing ALL Christian people as self-centered is quite pessimistic. In MY opinion, it is okay to wonder what will happen after you are gone. And if you are promised something that you believe in with a God you LOVE... Then it is okay. In my opinion, again, sorry if I offended you & I sincerely hope you have a good day:)
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*different guest* I'm sorry, however that is is something completely different. Today, some (and I do not mean all), people do not support gay marriage for religious beliefs but they RESPECT them. It is part of their central beliefs, and hating on them is affecting them the exact same way others would hate on homosexuals. Now, many people are incredibly rude and mean, I agree in that aspect... but not all people who do not supports gays are people who hate, bash, and ridicule. If they are followers of Jesus and the bible then they will love their neighbor and respect them. & although I know this post is long, and many people will down vote, at least keep in mind that there are many different types of people. Varying from differences in sexual orientation, religion, physical capabilities, etc. so if an individual is criticizing others for their beliefs, but they return the act... What is the difference? Know the person as an entirety, then "judge."
Have a great day, mate.
NOOOOO!! 10 comments
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What a shitty kid!
This Isn't a Game 18 comments
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Amen Sistah! Preach!
It's all on you. 5 comments
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Every Hispanic parent - ever
A dream worth fighting for 6 comments
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I sang this in the Mulan "A Girl Worth Fighting For" tune :P
Mommy better start explaining 6 comments
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