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Yes 1 comments
garlog · 3 days ago
I mean, addicts probably know a lot about their addiction.
Monogatari fans vs Fate fans 5 comments
garlog · 1 week ago
You're supposed to read the VN first, you filthy secondary.
Then it doesn't really matter, the anime adaptations (Spring Song soon), Zero, Apocrypha, EXTRA, Extella, Grand Order, strange fake, El Melloi Case Files, Prisma Illya, Carnival Phantasm, Type Red Line, they're all fairly self-contained other than having some sort of base in what's establish in the VN.
Read Fate/Hollow Ataraxia before that cooking one, Dinner at Emiya's House or whatever, though.
Dandelions 14 comments
garlog · 1 week ago
They spread. A lot. Pretty uncontrollably if you aren't on the ball with herbicide.
And other than the short amount of time they have the pretty yellow flower, they look ugly as fuck.
They ruin lawns, and then they ruin all the lawns around those lawns.
If they didn't have double standards they'd have no standards at all 25 comments
garlog · 2 weeks ago
He didn't have to say much, the answer to your question was very basic and obvious.
The kindness of using proper pronouns. 2 comments
garlog · 2 weeks ago
Basic respect is like, not pushing you out of the way, or, speaking politely to you generally, not reaffirming you self-identity.
So high tech 4 comments
garlog · 3 weeks ago
Would have preferred that they just cleaned it, but I suppose I can live with this compromise.
Nail-biting confining suffering Wolf 2 comments
garlog · 4 weeks ago
Almost like its a TV show and not a psychiatric appointment...
Nuclear kitty. 4 comments
garlog · 5 weeks ago
Looks more steam-powered.
People being people 2 comments
garlog · 6 weeks ago
Heathens are children of God just the same, suppose.
Scam alert! 3 comments
garlog · 6 weeks ago
Ah, you should be smart like me and just exchange your labor for money. No scam, just work and get paid what you were promised.
Now if only I can figure out how to stop my government from stealing a portion of it...
Tart insane Badger 7 comments
garlog · 7 weeks ago
Take responsibility for your shortcomings, don't blame entire generations of people for it.
The Air Force should screen people better 5 comments
garlog · 7 weeks ago
Does a hot air balloon go high enough to see the curvature of the Earth?
Also, don't be too hard on this guy, he realized his mistake.
The pig 11 comments
garlog · 7 weeks ago
That's a decent take, no argument here.
The pig 11 comments
garlog · 7 weeks ago
2024 let's gooooooo.
You’re both right and wrong. 3 comments
garlog · 8 weeks ago
Man driving his truck in Florida 9 comments
garlog · 8 weeks ago
Trump 2024, motherfuckers.
chana 6 comments
garlog · 8 weeks ago
Ariel "should best" be played by a white person because she and her family are usually portrayed in a way that is best replicated by the skin tone and facial structure of white people (probably because Hans Christian Anderson was white), i.e. is obviously visibly (though obviously not racially) white.
Mulan "should best" be played by an Asian person because she is obviously visibly Asian.
Yeah, that's basically the same.
Also, my Grandma was a Cree woman, so I don't know whether you consider that to be "very, very, white", but I'm fine with it either way.
This is how a Nintendo 64 an*log stick works 6 comments
garlog · 8 weeks ago
At least those things lasted longer than Joy Con controls sticks.
chana 6 comments
garlog · 8 weeks ago
>not buying into the notion of racial oppressed/oppressor classes is racist
Yeah, yeah, whatever, everyone who doesn't believe what you believe is racist. Fuck you.
based 6 comments
garlog · 8 weeks ago
A sign from the protest in Tallahassee, FL 4 comments
garlog · 9 weeks ago
So, like, what? You just post this sign here to feel like you're doing you part?
Yeet 16 comments
garlog · 9 weeks ago
Doesn't work with Slurpees, bro.
Rural is more fun, actually 8 comments
garlog · 9 weeks ago
Countryside sounds pretty rad, but I'll stick to my small prairie town as a decent compromise.
#MoveTheGames 8 comments
garlog · 9 weeks ago
...In what way?
tqats 4 comments
garlog · 9 weeks ago
The anger is understandable, but I wouldn't say its "substantiated", in that I don't think there's necessarily any injustice in a job position going away, and you don't really have a right to it anyway.
That's why I think that these guys fucking around with the lighting like that may well just be some amount of ass-pain.
This is obviously very dependent on what actually happened in this particular scenario. The bosses may well be twats after all.