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When the News Predicts Barbershops Won't Re-Open Until August 5 comments
kayls92 · 4 weeks ago
Dumb and Dumber 2
This kid will never live this photo down 8 comments
kayls92 · 27 weeks ago
I really wish I would have taken a pic of my ex as he sobbed while telling me he cheated on me!! Genius move to shame the bastards!
Watching it for the first time, finished 7 seasons in 4 days , I would have never 4 comments
kayls92 · 33 weeks ago
The post is a bit misleading of the airport scene. He told everyone he wasn't leaving until the next day, but Pam caught on he was leaving that same day and went to say goodbye at the airport. (He was too emotional about leaving, so that's why he didn't tell everyone when the actual time he was leaving was).
Obeisant uttermost Crow 2 comments
kayls92 · 47 weeks ago
This is at the Bangerter Harmons Grocery Store in Draper, Utah! My husband and I had a good laugh when we saw this a few months ago! Awesome to see it on I-funny and Funsubstance :)
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Tunnel art on stairs, SLC, UT 9 comments
kayls92 · 49 weeks ago
The stairs look like it's at the Gateway. They have a lot of cool wall art there and the stairs look familiar.
Florida resident, here. First time seeing this 1 comments
kayls92 · 51 weeks ago
I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. The shortened version that is perfect for bumper stickers and shirts is SLUT.
Any fellow lego star wars fans on ? 10 comments
kayls92 · 1 year ago
My husband used part of our wedding gift money to buy the $800 Lego Millennium Falcon set.. So I can say I'm married to a Lego Star Wars fan right! He finally finished it after building for hours here and there over a one month period. It looks awesome!
Iron man suit comes next 14 comments
kayls92 · 1 year ago
A navy seal was pronounced dead, not one of the boys trapped.. So far 8 have been rescued!! So hoping the remaining ones can be rescued successfully!
Je suis triste 12 comments
kayls92 · 2 years ago
I'm not crying, you're crying! Damn, was not expecting those two bottom photos. Such a sweet and heartfelt post!
You ever have so much fun at work you forget to work? 9 comments
kayls92 · 2 years ago
I literally just saw this scene on Facebook today.. One of my friends shared it! The screenshots do not do this justice, you have to watch the actual video!
Shanked 4 comments
kayls92 · 2 years ago
Whose line is it anyway
Bless you 6 comments
kayls92 · 2 years ago
This is great!
He has her back 14 comments
kayls92 · 2 years ago
What kind of device recorded this video?! Terrible!
A local H.S. Principal just solved a mysterious senior prank from a decade ago 4 comments
kayls92 · 4 years ago
"dug up 'there' time capsule"