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I achieved the impossible 2 comments
lihea · 2 weeks ago
We know it was awesome and also the best part of the movie 7 comments
lihea · 3 weeks ago
I will always love you, by Whitney Houston. Originally sung by Dolly Parton.
Stealth attack 1 comments
lihea · 3 weeks ago
Nezukooooooo 1 comments
lihea · 4 weeks ago
His body painting skills are amazing now!
Low-cost Cosplay 3 comments
lihea · 5 weeks ago
The make-up and body paint is actually really good!
18,000 year old puppy found 7 comments
lihea · 5 weeks ago
That's a low number, Brent.
20/10 for endurance and pettability
lihea · 5 weeks ago
I actually recorded myself doing the accent so I could listen to it on the way to the game and be reminded of what my friggin accent sounded like, lol!
The meaning of life 10 comments
lihea · 5 weeks ago
Also "video games" doesn't seem correct. If they are 20 min rounds he's probably playing online in some battle royal thing. So he's not playing against AI opponents, but other people.
So it's not exactly "video", which in my mind relates better to more classic games that have AI opponents like Mario.
But, yeah. To each their own. To me "video games" just sounds archaic...
Tier 3 meme 6 comments
lihea · 5 weeks ago
The 2nd is "I don't think I will", but the others I don't recognize either...
Sewing Help 3 comments
lihea · 5 weeks ago
If you use a sewing pattern, use stretchy materials, or have a design that doesn't require you to install a zipper or buttons, it can be very easy.
In fact there are a lot of sewing pattern companies (simplicity, voque) that actually add a difficulty rating to their sewing patterns and comprehensive instructions on how to make it, so they make it easy to choose a pattern that suits your level. They have patterns for absolute beginners.
As long as you have someone who can teach you how to string your sewing machine, or have clear instructions how to, it doesn't have to be difficult to get started with sewing. :)
I started sewing by myself at 12 with no internet and no help. You can do it, too!!!!
*edited for dyslexia issues XD*
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The meaning of life 10 comments
lihea · 5 weeks ago
"They're gaming" :) Not "they're games" XD
I would say write it:
"They're gaming. He's texting you in between rounds."
The meaning of life 10 comments
lihea · 6 weeks ago
I'd say he's gaming, or just name the game he's playing. If he's doing 20 minute rounds he's probably playing a shooter or something.
I'm over 30, but saying "video games" makes me think of Mario bros or Sonic.
The meaning of life 10 comments
lihea · 6 weeks ago
Is it just me or does "video game" just sound so archaic?
Speechless 13 comments
lihea · 6 weeks ago
Women prefer men who find their partner's personality, interests, and attitude to life important.
And women dislike men who are overly concerned with tattoos, or the sexual history of their partners. The latter is pretty ugly, tbh...
Toss the coin boi 2 comments
lihea · 6 weeks ago
Toss a coin to your Witcher, oh valley of plenty!
Pro stand 8 comments
lihea · 6 weeks ago
Not that great, but adds status.
Stand sold separately.
True 7 comments
lihea · 6 weeks ago
I'm not a fan of big parties. I don't like crowds, loud noises or busy-ness, and that much sums up a party.
That said, I still think that people should do what makes them happy. If they will happily look back on a huge wedding for the rest of their lives and cherish the memories of all their loved ones and friends coming together to celebrate, then why not?
I hope most of all that how you spend your money and time is in a way that makes you truly happy. That's most important.
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manly version of water hair flip. 10 comments
lihea · 7 weeks ago
Little late to the party, but is no one concerned that this ends in him getting slapped in the eye with a wet beard?
Thought this belongs here 6 comments
lihea · 7 weeks ago
The bible says one thing very clearly to anyone who has read it:
That Jesus came to make a new covenant, and that the Pharisees, who kept to the OLD TESTAMENT laws rigidly, and used these laws to ostracize and punish people, did not understand the Father.
Jesus came to make a new covenant in which LOVE trumped all, and in which you were no longer meant to ostracize and punish your neighbor, but love them. Not worry about your neighbors sins, but work on your own, and in all things shine a light of love.
TL:dr - Many Christians haven't read the bible and are actually not Christians but Pharisees. The very thing Jesus came down to abolish.
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The ultimate trip room 4 comments
lihea · 7 weeks ago
I have always loved cozy places like this to read!
But I have a pretty bad dust mite allergy and I'm basically allergic to everything in this room, so I'll never be able to have, or even visit a place like that :""""""(((((((
When the like count does not favour the dark lord 7 comments
lihea · 7 weeks ago
Yup, he was the most beautiful of all the angels and the most revered.
Fighting oppression one shaved head at a time 4 comments
lihea · 8 weeks ago
A+ pun. Well done.
Not a bot post just trying to be anonymous 5 comments
lihea · 8 weeks ago
I have PTSD. There have been times where I felt I could handle things on my own, but inevitably I would go though some kind of melt down. Sometimes it can take years before I break, sometimes it takes months... but it always happens.
Please get some help, it is the only thing that can keep your breaks from spiraling.
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True hero 6 comments
lihea · 9 weeks ago
Share and show that family matters!!!!!
Dad genuinely having such a good time 3 comments
lihea · 10 weeks ago
This is the wholesome content I needed today!!