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Dinotopia 4 comments
ooops · 6 days ago
Seeing that cover gives me such nostalgia
*points fingers* 5 comments
ooops · 3 weeks ago
I love that Morrison's face perfectly matched mine when I read this post.
I found this 3 comments
ooops · 3 weeks ago
Is the guy in the picture the rapist or the other rapist?
Common flawed cut Hummingbird 11 comments
ooops · 3 weeks ago
Honestly, same. Though I am asexual, so that plays a big part in it.
Cocoa 2 comments
ooops · 4 weeks ago
Monkey Soup, if anyone's wondering
*cries in canola oil* 6 comments
ooops · 4 weeks ago
Also, I disagree with what the guy in the post is saying. Body positivity is for all, even if you are unhealthy. You are still allowed to love yourself/your body.
*cries in canola oil* 6 comments
ooops · 4 weeks ago
That's true. There are some people that go to a bad extreme in trying to accept overweight/obese bodies that they end up hating on thinner bodies.
It's just that there is still a lot of hate for true body positivity because people think loving your body is the same as encouraging unhealthy behavior (when in fact, it's the opposite), so I felt the need to chime in.
*cries in canola oil* 6 comments
ooops · 4 weeks ago
I don't think body positivity people are going around saying you should become obese. They're just trying to say that even if you are overweight/obese you can still love yourself and your body. Lots of overweight body positivity are still trying to become healthier. They're just still loving themselves along the way.
f*cking kids 2 comments
ooops · 7 weeks ago
Posting this for normal reasons such as harmless entertainment without ulterior motives 5 comments
ooops · 11 weeks ago
I'm always down for a Mulaney quote
Put it in the oven at 120 degrees 2 comments
ooops · 12 weeks ago
The most frustrating thing for me is that you wouldn't cook a lasagna at 120 degrees. That's way too cold.
This is fixing to be the worst Pirates of the Caribbean I've ever heard of 21 comments
ooops · 13 weeks ago
Calm down everyone. They're just saying they're adding a female character. Like, to the existing list of female characters.
So yeah umm 4 comments
ooops · 14 weeks ago
I've seen this post before and had to check this from the movie. Turns out he's just grabbing the vine with his feet.
:trollface: 16 comments
ooops · 16 weeks ago
Right? I keep seeing posts on this site that make me wonder what people are thinking? How are they okay with this stuff?
Everyone liked that 5 comments
ooops · 18 weeks ago
I love how comforted the cat looks
ooops · 18 weeks ago
What's with all the woman hate on this site? I feel like it didn't used to be this bad.
Contestant number one 3 comments
ooops · 19 weeks ago
Am I missing something here?
Ara ara 4 comments
ooops · 20 weeks ago
I think it was to match the comics better
alone 4 comments
ooops · 20 weeks ago
Why would a girl say she's hungry when there's a perfectly good lollipop in the dirt?
Warm tea warm tea warm tea 3 comments
ooops · 21 weeks ago
I'm generally over this meme format, but this one did make me laugh.
Who's the retard here? 3 comments
ooops · 21 weeks ago
I can't tell if this is a Forrest Gump dig or if this girl is real
I usually just ask for help 3 comments
ooops · 21 weeks ago
So true! You can't always ask people for help.
Now I’m asking which one you DISLIKE. Imho hawaiian pizza is tasty tho. Refreshing. 10 comments
ooops · 22 weeks ago
I don't really have a problem with either
Throwback 3 comments
ooops · 22 weeks ago
I'm glad I'm not the only one that always thought this