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A sailors life for me 1 comments
ooops · 2 weeks ago
This is definitely not where the term "hangover" came from
How to get rid of them 5 comments
ooops · 2 weeks ago
I thought I was the only one
Reasonable christian 4 comments
ooops · 3 weeks ago
Not to be too much of a joke killer, but you can def be fully human and not have sexual temptation. Just putting that out there for any fellow asexuals out there.
The line between good and evil runs through every Human heart 2 comments
ooops · 4 weeks ago
Strangely motivational
They have a point 6 comments
ooops · 5 weeks ago
As I imagine:
Heather Chandler = Chris Evans
Heather Duke = Chris Hemsworth
Heather McNamara = Chris Pratt
I'd love to know what others think, though
The League of Shadows 7 comments
ooops · 7 weeks ago
I wanted to say that this is me, but then I posted this comment.
This is dumb 3 comments
ooops · 8 weeks ago
Thank you. I'm so sick of the reductionist thinking of these kinds of memes
My mum still makes my packed lunches 5 comments
ooops · 14 weeks ago
Is there a joke here?
This was a strange film 12 comments
ooops · 14 weeks ago
Movies get really fun when you refuse to accept that there was any error in them and you instead have to come up with a super complicated back/side story to explain why things or people are the way they are in-universe.
Dinotopia 4 comments
ooops · 17 weeks ago
Seeing that cover gives me such nostalgia
*points fingers* 5 comments
ooops · 20 weeks ago
I love that Morrison's face perfectly matched mine when I read this post.
I found this 3 comments
ooops · 20 weeks ago
Is the guy in the picture the rapist or the other rapist?
Common flawed cut Hummingbird 11 comments
ooops · 20 weeks ago
Honestly, same. Though I am asexual, so that plays a big part in it.
Cocoa 2 comments
ooops · 20 weeks ago
Monkey Soup, if anyone's wondering
*cries in canola oil* 6 comments
ooops · 20 weeks ago
Also, I disagree with what the guy in the post is saying. Body positivity is for all, even if you are unhealthy. You are still allowed to love yourself/your body.
*cries in canola oil* 6 comments
ooops · 20 weeks ago
That's true. There are some people that go to a bad extreme in trying to accept overweight/obese bodies that they end up hating on thinner bodies.
It's just that there is still a lot of hate for true body positivity because people think loving your body is the same as encouraging unhealthy behavior (when in fact, it's the opposite), so I felt the need to chime in.
*cries in canola oil* 6 comments
ooops · 20 weeks ago
I don't think body positivity people are going around saying you should become obese. They're just trying to say that even if you are overweight/obese you can still love yourself and your body. Lots of overweight body positivity are still trying to become healthier. They're just still loving themselves along the way.
f*cking kids 2 comments
ooops · 23 weeks ago
Posting this for normal reasons such as harmless entertainment without ulterior motives 5 comments
ooops · 27 weeks ago
I'm always down for a Mulaney quote
Put it in the oven at 120 degrees 2 comments
ooops · 28 weeks ago
The most frustrating thing for me is that you wouldn't cook a lasagna at 120 degrees. That's way too cold.
This is fixing to be the worst Pirates of the Caribbean I've ever heard of 21 comments
ooops · 29 weeks ago
Calm down everyone. They're just saying they're adding a female character. Like, to the existing list of female characters.
So yeah umm 4 comments
ooops · 30 weeks ago
I've seen this post before and had to check this from the movie. Turns out he's just grabbing the vine with his feet.
:trollface: 16 comments
ooops · 33 weeks ago
Right? I keep seeing posts on this site that make me wonder what people are thinking? How are they okay with this stuff?
Everyone liked that 5 comments
ooops · 34 weeks ago
I love how comforted the cat looks