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Can a smart person let me know what Rick is saying? 10 comments
purplefinch · 6 days ago
i mean unless theyre bi, yeah, theyre straight. straight trans people exist.
Vice nailed it! 3 comments
purplefinch · 1 week ago
look at pics of her back when she was in Victorious, she was very pale.
Hahahahaha, until now they yelled in all directions that trans should have equal rights 13 comments
purplefinch · 4 weeks ago
this isnt a very popular opinion, but maybe we should divide sports up based on physical ability. sure, maybe some women would have to compete with men, but equality right?
Halloween Help 21 comments
purplefinch · 15 weeks ago
7 deadly sins?
Boys will be boys 3 comments
purplefinch · 17 weeks ago
mack beggs is a trans man, aka he was "born a girl." he was forced to wrestle with women instead of other men by the school.
Nae naed 5 comments
purplefinch · 17 weeks ago
Im a trans man, id be ecstatic if there was an option for a trans character. even if it changed almost nothing except giving maybe top surgery scars to the shirtless model or something, or an offhand comment about HRT.
I share similarities with my great great grandpa 12 comments
purplefinch · 22 weeks ago
though it is removing it from a widely accessible platform, and many people would not know where to go to find the information. most people would rather search it on youtube instead of go to a library, too.
Anyone else experienced that? 6 comments
purplefinch · 24 weeks ago
i get something pretty much exactly like this when i have a fever, and only when i have a fever. are you sick by any chance?
trannies 9 comments
purplefinch · 43 weeks ago
i think if a child wants to be referred as something other than what they were born as, thats cool. if they change their mind when they get older, also cool. but a child shouldnt be put on hormones.
Shut up Allie 15 comments
purplefinch · 44 weeks ago
consider: both issues happening at the same time and can be acknowledged as such instead of throwing one under the bus for another?
Shut up Allie 15 comments
purplefinch · 44 weeks ago
when trans women arent killed for being trans women, maybe her logic will have some merit.
I meann 71 comments
purplefinch · 46 weeks ago
many trans women have all of their information changed that would indicate that theyre trans. many also go on hormones that make them more "passable"
Apparently people are having their accounts hidden. They're being called "Blurries". 4 comments
purplefinch · 47 weeks ago
i posted a drawing of a purple deer and it got flagged, so yeah. tumblr staff have no idea what they're doing.
Dr. Jordan Peterson everybody 29 comments
purplefinch · 48 weeks ago
i dont think it should be illegal to not use someone's correct pronouns but it really costs nothing to just do it.
Hold up 18 comments
purplefinch · 49 weeks ago
uhhh no.....pedos arent allowed in the lgbt+ community. they belong in jail.
"No homo":Declared; Ass:Destroyed; 15 comments
purplefinch · 1 year ago
i find that the straight people in my family always coincidentally forget that bisexual people exist.
That didn't take long 29 comments
purplefinch · 1 year ago
from what ive seen, its a bit like vine except theres an option for a "duet" you post your half of a video such as a dance or drawing half a drawing and someone else can come along and complete the other half
That didn't take long 29 comments
purplefinch · 1 year ago
i scrolled through their twitter, its a fake tweet
Gotta go get my pumpkin spice latte! 18 comments
purplefinch · 1 year ago
dont call me out like this
Pick up some skills 9 comments
purplefinch · 1 year ago
even after graduating, I still don't know how to present things without having a panic attack. i never skipped out on one either, i was also terrified of bad grades.
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Star Wars Fandom is toxic 21 comments
purplefinch · 1 year ago
i think their last two brain cells are trying to communicate
Are you serious? 19 comments
purplefinch · 1 year ago
I just googled this, turns out its true.
Girls complimenting an outfit 4 comments
purplefinch · 1 year ago
anyone else think that looks like jacksepticeye?
I think they're lovely 4 comments
purplefinch · 1 year ago
well good thing I'm gay and think thats cute as hell
Arctic Ferret wishing you a good Monday :3 5 comments
purplefinch · 1 year ago
very impressive needle felting.