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Apparently people are having their accounts hidden. They're being called "Blurries". 3 comments
purplefinch · 17 hours ago
i posted a drawing of a purple deer and it got flagged, so yeah. tumblr staff have no idea what they're doing.
Dr. Jordan Peterson everybody 29 comments
purplefinch · 6 days ago
i dont think it should be illegal to not use someone's correct pronouns but it really costs nothing to just do it.
Hold up 18 comments
purplefinch · 2 weeks ago
uhhh no.....pedos arent allowed in the lgbt+ community. they belong in jail.
For the parents, teens will get laid anyway if you like it or not 52 comments
purplefinch · 3 weeks ago
my sister goes to school in texas. she independently decided to call bullshit when the time comes for her sex ed course. i encourage this.
"No homo":Declared; Ass:Destroyed; 15 comments
purplefinch · 4 weeks ago
i find that the straight people in my family always coincidentally forget that bisexual people exist.
That didn't take long 29 comments
purplefinch · 7 weeks ago
from what ive seen, its a bit like vine except theres an option for a "duet" you post your half of a video such as a dance or drawing half a drawing and someone else can come along and complete the other half
That didn't take long 29 comments
purplefinch · 7 weeks ago
i scrolled through their twitter, its a fake tweet
Gotta go get my pumpkin spice latte! 18 comments
purplefinch · 13 weeks ago
dont call me out like this
Pick up some skills 9 comments
purplefinch · 13 weeks ago
even after graduating, I still don't know how to present things without having a panic attack. i never skipped out on one either, i was also terrified of bad grades.
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Star Wars Fandom is toxic 21 comments
purplefinch · 27 weeks ago
i think their last two brain cells are trying to communicate
Are you serious? 19 comments
purplefinch · 28 weeks ago
I just googled this, turns out its true.
Girls complimenting an outfit 4 comments
purplefinch · 32 weeks ago
anyone else think that looks like jacksepticeye?
I think they're lovely 4 comments
purplefinch · 32 weeks ago
well good thing I'm gay and think thats cute as hell
Arctic Ferret wishing you a good Monday :3 5 comments
purplefinch · 34 weeks ago
very impressive needle felting.
Top 10 anime betrayals 20 comments
purplefinch · 35 weeks ago
????? drag queens helped spark the lgbt rights movement anyway...the only reason theyd be offensive is if said drag queens labeled all trans people as drag also.
I really don't understand 36 comments
purplefinch · 37 weeks ago
Absolutely not. These people make actual trans people look bad.
Brakrdance battle 6 comments
purplefinch · 37 weeks ago
good thing its fake or I'd probably cry
How to sneaking? 7 comments
purplefinch · 38 weeks ago
what's super cute is that the tiger totally knows the person is behind it. look at the ears, its playing with the person like it would one of its cubs!
Natural selection 3 comments
purplefinch · 39 weeks ago
they stopped being used by kids who think they are "cool" and are now only used by the ones who actually need them for any reason they might need to fidget.
Bottled water 11 comments
purplefinch · 39 weeks ago
my house's tap is always slightly yellow. i am not drinking that. so yeah i buy bottled water.
Poor guy 5 comments
purplefinch · 39 weeks ago
i dunno man, sometimes i send my boyfriend torrents of text that are literally just story ideas lmao.
Hide yo kids 3 comments
purplefinch · 41 weeks ago
free lunch..why was he arrested for taking something free, then? tch.
Yeah, no one's girlfriend 7 comments
purplefinch · 42 weeks ago
Good for her for finding herself.
They keep adding letters to this bs 34 comments
purplefinch · 43 weeks ago
Uh. No..Just say LGBT+
Damn furries 6 comments
purplefinch · 45 weeks ago
that's impressively well made.