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Beautiful haggish Sophia 1 comments
shivster · 5 days ago
Not to be confused with the Scottish savory treat hagia
Double standards 4 comments
shivster · 2 weeks ago
This looks like Tinder, and Bay is her actual name.
The end is near 5 comments
shivster · 3 weeks ago
That some people think that comparing the number of seasons for these two is meaningful for some reason?
Found at Dairy Queen 7 comments
shivster · 5 weeks ago
African American English (AAE) is a legitimate dialect of English, just like what you deem “proper English” and it is only looked down upon because it’s historically a black thing in the USA, as opposed to the dialect used in traditionally more affluent white communities. So yes, you are racist- though your use of the term “ghetto rat thug” demonstrates that anyway.
Oedipus is a Yuri Stan, then. 7 comments
shivster · 6 weeks ago
His mother’s name was Jocasta! This has layers to it, damn
Bring on summer 1 comments
shivster · 6 weeks ago
You’re about 5 months too late to post this, unless you’re in Australia
· Edited 6 weeks ago
Elon’s Musk 6 comments
shivster · 7 weeks ago
The scent of the future
Plastic is fake 3 comments
shivster · 7 weeks ago
They look like themselves to me, just younger and with way worse makeup
Finally got it my favorite one! 5 comments
shivster · 9 weeks ago
You do know that those are the exact lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody? The song goes like 'very very frightening me' and then Galileo
How could they forget about Oscar 6 comments
shivster · 29 weeks ago
Nailed it! 2019 Dumb and Dumber 4 comments
shivster · 30 weeks ago
I think both Kendall and Kylie look amazing. And their dresses were appropriate for the MET gala theme. Why hate on someone so needlessly?
Best cosplay ever 3 comments
shivster · 33 weeks ago
what character is the cat cosplaying?
Surrounded by chicks 1 comments
shivster · 34 weeks ago
That also doesn’t seem right
My boyfriend told me he can’t tell the difference when I have makeup on or not 14 comments
shivster · 35 weeks ago
Except you probably prefer the ‘no makeup’ makeup look, which actually is a lot of product. You just don’t realize it because it looks natural. Your preferences are your preferences and no one can say you’re wrong about that. However, makeup is never false advertising because a woman is not a product and her face is not the only thing she offers. It’s a form of art and something many women enjoy, not a tool for them to somehow trick you.
Batman always has a plan and it always works 4 comments
shivster · 38 weeks ago
This was so brilliantly thought out, I have a sneaking suspicion you’re actually Bruce Wayne.
Classy false Crow 5 comments
shivster · 39 weeks ago
As somebody trying to get their Phd in theoretical physics, this was one of the most painful things I've had to read. I can't function, I'm so annoyed.
This was me recently 8 comments
shivster · 39 weeks ago
Why does this dog remind me of Jeff Goldblum tho?
Ffs Todd 5 comments
shivster · 41 weeks ago
Dammit *Eliot
not gonna lie... i feel judged 3 comments
shivster · 41 weeks ago
does anyone know what breed this is?
Get 'em Eustace 4 comments
shivster · 41 weeks ago
where is the bottom image from?
Aww you made me ink 2 comments
shivster · 48 weeks ago
Damn, the guy in the bra has a great laugh
What does my mom deserve??? EVERYTHING GOOD 4 comments
shivster · 48 weeks ago
What for?