purplepumpkin · 10 weeks ago
Worry not, it's college. I'm actually 21 rn and I took back studies last year after a first round and a break. I've had 50+yo classmates, and everyone was ok with that. College is where you go to expand your mind and live new experiences, and one can't be too old for that.
releasethekraken · 10 weeks ago
I was 21 when I started Uni, and had no problem making friends and having things in common with them. Some of them had just finished high-school so they were around 18, but there were people my age as well. And we still get along and do fun things together. So you might not be the only 21-year-old. And in my experience, nobody seems to care about your age. You're never too old. There are people over 40 in my class.
purplepumpkin · 10 weeks ago
Yeah I forgot to mention it but no one gives a fuck how old you are. I was 14 when I first started college and all my previous experience had made me very self conscious about that. But no one ever gave a damn, because it was just one point in all of this great diversity, that's how great college mentality is.
properchaos · 10 weeks ago
45 this year and working on my 2nd Masters. Age is nothing.
parisqeen · 10 weeks ago
One of my friends at uni is 74. So no. I'm 20 and just starting my degree so by the time I finish I'll be in my late 20's. 21 is so so young. Like everyone else said, education isn't restricted to an age, no one gives a damn about how old you are.
guest_ · 10 weeks ago
Legitimately speaking? Individual life experience etc. can vary greatly. You an have 17yo’s who are wiser or more mature than people twice their age. Going by “averages” though? A 21yo isn’t that much ahead of a 19yo, and at 21 you’re still well within that “young college kid” age. It’s a huge pro if you want the “college experience” that you can legally drink. A potential con is that at 21- you could get in trouble if you are a party to underage drinking, and it’s quite likely that younger students may ask you to be their alchohol purchaser, which maybearn cool points but can get you in hot water. I’m not your mom so that’s on you- but figured I’d mention it. So figure the average person graduates high school at 18. Might take a “year off” which makes your average freshman 19-20 anyway. So no. You aren’t too old. You’re never “too old” as long as you don’t feel self conscious about things- but as far as social perceptions it’s not “weird” for a 21yo to hang out with 19/20 year olds...
guest_ · 10 weeks ago
... it’s less an age thing and more a mind thing. One day most people will wake up and maybe realize or just not notice they don’t want to deal with communal living and drunks and staying up late all the time. Those memories are fond ones but not ones they actually want to re live- they don’t want that experience today, just aspects of it like the positive emotions and feelings of excitement and fun and bonding. We “miss out” when we don’t things like “college life” at a time where we actually would WANT to have those experiences as opppses to a time when we just want the memories of those things. So if you’re still feeling like you’d enjoy that life- you are not too old by far. You’re right in the standard median of college age. So don’t worry about being too old. Just ask if you actually want the experience or if you just see and hear others stories and want the memories. Either way you can always try it and see how it goes. If you’re worried about missing out, what is there to lose?
rosalinas · 10 weeks ago
Why? Bc it's college! No body cares about any body.
funkmasterrex · 9 weeks ago
You're being stupid. Not because being the "old guy" is weird, but because THAT is what worries you. Go get the education you want, fuck the optics.
jade · 9 weeks ago
I just started college, and I assure you that it won’t be weird. Especially since a lot of people are 21 and over at universities. It’s about education, the experience is what you make it.