What are the odds? 7 comments
guest · 6 years ago
Downvoted for a factual comment, FS in a nutshell
Amen 71 comments
guest · 6 years ago
http:// f
There you go bro.
Just click on your name on your comment to see your comment history
Just how? 47 comments
guest · 6 years ago
Its not like they have to pay for tampons
How to raise a happy child 13 comments
guest · 6 years ago
You are not your childs friend, you are its parent.
Your job is to form that child into a decent, good person, with good morals. Not to be its buddy. It has plenty of friends at school.
If more people disciplined their children, my country wouldn't be going down the shitter, with kids who act like little cunts.
In my town most of the parents have no interest in actually raising the kids, they just want the benefits, but call you a bastard for suggesting that they control their vaginal discharge when it's screaming uncontrolably in a supermarket.
"Photographer" 12 comments
guest · 6 years ago
Do you know what ISBN stands for?
Then don't buy any fucking books.
Sanctimonious prick.
The two sides of a girl 6 comments
guest · 6 years ago
Looking like a slut vs looking like a tramp
That women for you.
only dress up.when they want something
oh. 9 comments
guest · 6 years ago
Chance would be a fine thing
Ahh, those hide-and-seek days 12 comments
guest · 7 years ago
*insert used formula for joke*
Await acclaim
Get bitter when acclaim is not immediately forthcoming.
The Everlasting Chocolate Bar 11 comments
guest · 7 years ago
In the gif, the diagonal part grows as it moves, taking up the available space left by the taken piece.
Last time riding a bike 2 comments
guest · 7 years ago
You misspelled "fake picture"
Men with beards 23 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Now that beards are considered "sexy" all these facts appear about beards.
In actuality, testosterone has very little to do with hair growth or parenting abilities.
It's.primarily an aggression hormone.
Testosterone is actually responsible for hair LOSS.
And once a woman is pregnant, it's an effeminate, caring, metrosexual acting person her body will tell her she needs as they are the best caregivers (parents).
Read read read! 13 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Nice copypasta
Shaking the Dust Off 6 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Pick one
A university cares more about their reputation than you 11 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Please ensure its an actual rape first, regretting sleeping with someone while drunk is not rape.
The strategies of satan 8 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Yep because sexism only works one way remember!
Except when being drunk is no excuse for a man's behaviour but is a completely legitimate excuse for retroactively withdrawing consent and ruining a man's life because you acted like a fucking slut and regretted it the next day.
worth reading 8) 23 comments
guest · 7 years ago
>make up bullshit story
>make self sound amazing
>people believe anything they read because people are retarded
It applies to men too 25 comments
guest · 7 years ago
What a surprise, someone speaking truth is downvoted, and people reinforcing what everyone wants to hear is upvoted.
I've been coming to FS for years now, I was here when no one commented on any posts, and when mgovia was 50% of the posts for commenting on every post. And here's my input.
None of you are special snowflakes, your attitude of "be nice to everyone, everyone is equal" will be the downfall of the next generation. There's a middle ground between being nice and encouraging every person with a mental disability who thinks they are part cat, or planetkin, or genderfluid non binary..
This place is becoming a second tumblr, where emotion reigns over reason and logic, and being "unique" is more important than having anything of substance to say. Being included in the ridiculous "super special snowflake crowd" is more important than being yourself.
You are part of the problem, you are one of the reasons that this world is so irreparably fucked.
Fuck you.
How to freak people out in public 11 comments
guest · 7 years ago
I hope the sarcasm I'm sensing is real.
It applies to men too 25 comments
guest · 7 years ago
No it fucking isn't, feminism USED to be about equality, but it's been taken over by fat tumblr lesbians who hate men. Its become misandry with an acceptable face.
If you're good with grammar 12 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Oh smitty, so stupid.
YouTuber shows that hood pranks on YouTube might be set up 3 comments
guest · 7 years ago
>accuse other YouTubers of censored, misleading footage.
>post footage that is Cleary biased, and misleading