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So that's where they come from 6 comments
funstats · 7 years ago 3
The only reason to buy an iPhone 14 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
Sorry to disappoint, but iOS 10 doesn't give you more space either. It just removes the icon, the app is still on your phone taking up space.

You can try it now with the beta:
Awesome proposal! 6 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
Here's the video version if you want to watch!
Pokemon Go is officially the best thing to happen to 2016 9 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
There's a thing called a "Geocache" if that's what you mean.
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Phone glitched into landscape orientation... And wow that's a good idea 8 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
You can do this (tested on iOS):
1. Go to settings (in the Pokémon app).
2. Hold your phone in landscape.
3. Click "Report High Priority Issue" and press YES. A browser opens, and it's in landscape.
4. Close app to home screen.
5. Reopen app.

Landscape activated.

Everything besides the map gets messed up. It's usable, but the interface was clearly not designed for this.

Have fun!
14 · Edited 7 years ago
This traffic light design needs to be implemented 15 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
Love the idea about knowing how long until the light will change! Not so sure about the complete redesign.

I saw another one where there was a ring around each light to indicate time remaining. Same red / yellow / green, but with a "progress" ring. This one:

Much better than a complete redesign in my opinion. People are already so used to the current design, and this one doesn't provide enough novelty to warrant the readjustment. What do you think?
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Pretty cool 7 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
@banana The statue was only in Berlin for a short time (and that was last year). It is currently on a "world tour", but doesn't seem to be anywhere at this moment.

July 8-16 Mesti trg Square, Ptuj, Slovenija
June 8-16 Dev9t Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
April 6-10 IV Novembre, Perugia, Italy, (International Journalism Festival)
March 9-14 Train Station, Tours, France (Assises du Journalisme)
November 16-21 Place Klèber, Strasbourg (Forum Mondial de la Démocratie)
September 23-29 Place Georges-Pompidou, Paris
September 14-18 Places des Nations, Geneva
July 10 - September 1st Theaterplatz, Ostrale-Dresden -
May 3rd ufaFabrik-Internationales Kultur Centrum, Berlin
May 1st Alexanderplatz, Berlin
Freshly dyed sheep 5 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
This has been posted here several times, and as its been pointed out before, it's photoshopped.
hnnnnnng 6 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
Are you the guy that works in the Pokémon server room?
My childhood would have been so much better 10 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
Put the kids in and seal the ends. See how long it takes them to figure it out.
Oh no Flanders! 4 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
(Just throwing this out there for fellow players)

The fact there was no one else around has nothing to do with it. All spawned Pokémon stay in one place for exactly 15 minutes (with the exception of a few which last slightly longer, up to 30 minutes). They despawn if and only if the timer runs out, regardless of other players catching them.
- FunStats
It's hot in Houston, Texas 7 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
The hottest temperature recorded on earth was 56.7 °C (1913, Death Valley). A study found that temperatures inside a car rose by 31 °C after four hours.

So 56.7 + 31 = ~88 °C, just shy of 90 °C, and that's for the absolute hottest case.

Some CD cases are made out of polypropylene (instead of polystyrene), which has a lower softening point. Perhaps the case was made out of that?

Either way, I think we can say it was "hot as balls" in the car.
- FunStats
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You know you're in the bad part of town when the Burger King has bulletproof glass 9 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
Too bad they didn't have BURGERproof glass, right? Heh, heh...
funstats · 7 years ago
Here's the Wikipedia article for those interested. The sections in this post were last removed on May 17 of this year.

All of it is an urban legend; there are no known instances of such a policy at any university.
How to walk on water 6 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
(O _ O)
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Clinton privilege > male privilage 8 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
It's this guy:

He was convicted of bank fraud in 2010 and was jailed in 2012 for violating probation (which is where the picture in the post came from). He made an anti-Islam film titled "Innocence of Muslims".
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Gotta catch em all! 4 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
If you're referring to the Google account "they can read your e-mail" thing, that has been fixed. It was a bug all along and only affected iOS. The media blew it out of proportion to get views as usual. I can confirm that on my Google accounts page it no longer has "Full account access".

If you're not referring to that and are instead worried about it having access to your location and camera, well, that's the game!

- FunStats
Where is his face 11 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
Repost? I haven't seen that episode.
We've aaaaall been there I'm sure.. 6 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
The original comment is on this video:

The comment is 6 months old now, but will sometimes show at the top of the comment section (other times not). The replies by Carl Allen appear to have been removed.
I sure hope they have awesome data packages 3 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
It uses very little data. The game only communicates small packets (<10 kB) when you tap a PokeStop, Gym, or Pokémon, and every few seconds to update the map.

The biggest thing is probably the image files it downloads to show on the PokeStop spinny things, and the map tiles themselves (which come from Google maps).

Total, you probably couldn't get to 100 MB even if you played constantly.
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Pokemon Go causes Nintendo stock to increase 8.84% 6 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
This is so old though! It's gone up over 63% now!

It was 13,800 Yen ($131.80) on June 24 and is currently 22,840 ($218.20). It doesn't even look like it's stopping!
The only cultural shock in the US & Canada: No handheld showers?! 21 comments
funstats · 7 years ago
I don't have a handheld shower, and never have specifically washed my butt... The water just kinda goes there? I suppose I never thought about it being unsanitary or anything.