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Make up 2 comments
svitteh · 8 weeks ago
But she looks like a kid in the secon- oh.
The Federal Reserve is an inside job. - A. Rat, probably 14 comments
svitteh · 10 weeks ago
Sorry for being so behind on this all but how are ATMs bad/capitalist?
Step your game up, queens 2 comments
svitteh · 22 weeks ago
It's me. I'm bitches.
I think it’s finally running out of ink 3 comments
svitteh · 28 weeks ago
Some girl I competed against got her ribbon knotted 3 separate times. The 4th time she just threw the whole damn thing out and got the spare. No more problems. I think that ribbon was cursed.
The more you know 6 comments
svitteh · 32 weeks ago
and so are kiwis
and FJ on superherowoman 9 comments
svitteh · 49 weeks ago
See I'm confused. I heard all the drama about her supposedly insulting 40 year old white guys but all I found on it was her comment about them not telling her whether or not she likes a wrinkle in Time. Is there something else she said that I'm missing?
No pizza rolls 13 comments
svitteh · 50 weeks ago
My parents have always treated me like I was able to make my own decisions so I guess that's why I never really felt the need to rebel. They let me make my own mistakes (to a certain degree) and suffer the consequences. Only way to learn really
Mine was from falling while on a treadmill 29 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
I have one on my finger from when I pulled the iron cord until it fell on my hand and burned through to the bone
EDIT . Forgot about the one in my wrist. A little coloured patch from when my sister stabbed me with a coloured pencil. Been years and still bright and colourful. Like a free tattoo
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"It" is already plotting something 3 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
S.a.f.e test vibes
How convenient 4 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
Back in 2015 I happened to find an old 2009 calendar in January. Same dates. I was little so I thought it was some sort of miracle
An interesting idea 16 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
If you don't care that much then why did you make a comment about it? And things are getting gay because there's a lot more of it in real life than you think. It's always been there
For real tho 6 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
I want lemonade, but $3 isn't gonna get you shit in this economy
Child birth 2 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
It was a deleted scene
Point proved! 5 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
I once bought a $4 bag of chips and inside there were thREE chips. 3.
The Office is life 7 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
Don't watch the UK one if you can't stand secondhand embarrassment and awkwardness though, it relies pretty heavily on that. I prefer the US one but I know a lot of British people have a different sense of humour
Very strong steel 2 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
I HAVE THIS PHOTO HUNG UP IN MY BEDROOM!! No clue where it came from but my mum just hung it up one day
Excellent choice 22 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
I'd add a zero to my annual salary rather than bank account
Surprise! 4 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
Other day had a customer I knew was vegan come in and ask for vegetarian spring rolls with her meal... I asked if she was sure because they have egg in (to seal them shut) and she just looked devastated. Didn't say anything or look at me, took the spring rolls and ate them in sorrow.
Scream everywhere 15 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
Breach of the peace is not only illegal, it's unlawful (common law)
Snowball from Florida 19 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
@king_me @maksee you guys are on every post what's going on am I missing something?
Things I do for my country 40 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
Well I was born in the uk but live in australia.... so whichever is classified as my home country I'd just swap to the other
Dogs reincarnate 10 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
There's a book!!??
Dogs reincarnate 10 comments
svitteh · 1 year ago
A dog's purpose
The truth has been spoken 10 comments
svitteh · 2 years ago
How long do you people bleed for?? Mines always been 3 days and same goes for everyone else in my family. Don't think I could ever cope with anything longer