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Dream Idyll (A Valkyrie)’ - Edward Robert Hughes 3 comments
urlizard · 4 days ago
She must be cold...brrrrr
And die? 7 comments
urlizard · 4 days ago
What movie is this from?
Damned weebs 6 comments
urlizard · 8 weeks ago
But like, there's more to Scandinavia XD
A friend came across this 2 comments
urlizard · 9 weeks ago
This is such a silly perspective on the executive XD
Clap HIS ass cheeks 2 comments
urlizard · 17 weeks ago
I do that actually
He knew it 1 comments
urlizard · 18 weeks ago
I don't understand :/
He's right 5 comments
urlizard · 18 weeks ago
Why do they think you have to have blue eyes, double ds and blonde hair to be beautiful? A little specific...
And the cookies..Are a bonus 25 comments
urlizard · 20 weeks ago
Also, we are paid to educate ourselves =)
And not, it's not a loan.
However, you can choose to get a study loan but it has the lowest rates possible - it's one of the cheapest loans to apply for and doesn't cripple you financially for decades to come.
You can work here and still have your dignity. - Denmark, probably 45 comments
urlizard · 31 weeks ago
However, you get a lot for your taxes. Healthcare, education, pension, financial aid to students (800 USD for students not living at home, pursuing an education past high-school) are funded thusly. There are a few benefits I am not mentioning. So, while the taxes are high (which is what arguably makes a burger King worker in Denmark earn more than their US counterparts) the system makes it so that it evens out some differences in our society.
In terms of wage... Yes, no minimum, but paying someone below 110 (16.6 USD) kroner per hour is rare. Mainly this is because the unions could act upon this very quickly... And they normally do if it is brought to their attention.
So yes, the problem in the US is a systemic one. And while the comparison to Denmark isn't the wisest, it also highlights the differences in welfare and quality of life. Definitely not all of it can be chucked up to corporate greed... It not about capitalism, but how the government protects its most vulnerable.
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You can work here and still have your dignity. - Denmark, probably 45 comments
urlizard · 31 weeks ago
Honestly it's the system here in Denmark.
So firstly, for the pension: everyone in Denmark, who has lived in the country 40+ years since the age of 15 until 65, has the right to full pension. If you live alone, it is 2000 dollars a month (before taxes) and 1480 dollars a month if you are still with your spouse/partner. If you haven't lived in Denmark for the 40 years within the time frame, you can still be afforded part of that amount, spending on various factors (citizenship, years in Denmark, other pensions etc.)
Now, as for taxes, things get a bit complicated here. I still have some Danish friends who still don't quite. In Denmark you have a trækprocent and a fradrag. A trækprocent is the percentage you pay in taxes.,normally this is 38-40 %. Fradrag is the money this trækprocent is not applied to. The fradrag advantages decrease the higher your income becomes, however this is because Denmark doesn't have a flat tax. However it still is considered relatively high
Well well. 5 comments
urlizard · 36 weeks ago
No spoilers pls... Not cool
Is anyone else seeing this? 3 comments
urlizard · 37 weeks ago
Where is the bottom picture from? It seems so familiar but I can't quite place it...
The gun that killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand and started WW1 6 comments
urlizard · 38 weeks ago
"started" - history is more nuanced than a few snapshot moments.
Zero reasons 6 comments
urlizard · 39 weeks ago
What about the prequel? The long night? ;p
Flaky slim secret Aardvark 22 comments
urlizard · 41 weeks ago
When I lived in Asia, we would have a lot of snails on the road come rain. Me and my mom would go for walks to move them so they wouldn't get killed. If I see a snail in the middle of the street I still move them, especially if there's a high chance they'll get driven over.
I got this little floof from a shelter that said he had Feline Aids and wouldn’t live 13 comments
urlizard · 41 weeks ago
My cat had this as well... She needed medication once in a while and got some infections but she managed to live to the age of 17. I've had her since I was 5.... I miss her every day
Grandpap settling in to the long sleep... Ripip 3 comments
urlizard · 43 weeks ago
Grade point average? Must be worth a lot to own a whole farm.
I would watch this, doncha know 15 comments
urlizard · 43 weeks ago
More like they would speak like Scandinavians... And they don't speak like that
Strong words 29 comments
urlizard · 44 weeks ago
Unfortunately a lot of land can be considered stolen land... It is the way of history
Artist Reimagines dogs as RPG classes 42 comments
urlizard · 45 weeks ago
*St. Bernard
Tell me how this works 12 comments
urlizard · 47 weeks ago
That's how you know something matters :)
Smokey the bear is angry 3 comments
urlizard · 50 weeks ago
Where is this from? :o
Statue drama 8 comments
urlizard · 1 year ago
That's not completely true :p
I went to the Galeria dell'Accademia in Florence and the explanation they present is much more normal. Basically someone carved the feet and didn't finish, so he just carved the rest to his design. Not that much drama to it XD
2 Exams in 1 day 4 comments
urlizard · 1 year ago
Yeah... 4 in one, 3 the next day, and maybe two right before.... That's the IB for you XD
Hang in there 15 comments
urlizard · 1 year ago
This is horrible....