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This’ll be interesting 18 comments
klymaxx · 2 days ago
Possibly. I'm a little concerned about what this sex sandwich has this couple doing on a playground...Then, it (the sandwich) later becomes an issue?.....I have doubts
Neil is triggered 30 comments
klymaxx · 2 days ago
Wait...What did I do? My last comment on this post was 4 years ago
Edit: Or are you resurrecting
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This’ll be interesting 18 comments
klymaxx · 3 days ago
Once upon a time, there was a little sandwich who was unfortunately not a good one by a man to become an expert about the stresses of sex. Only a couple could reverse it, but fortunately for our hero, they found their chance when a new playground accidentally opened. Though the first born was reluctant, eventually the hero convinced them to give them a chance. The moment it happened, the check was reversed and our hero once more became an issue.
A man’s best friend 9 comments
klymaxx · 2 weeks ago
Well, that's good. I was genuinely upset for these dogs lol
I assumed it was real because I saw it on my local news app...which is weird now that I think about it, because I am nowhere near Baton Rouge
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6 years ago today during my wife’s first year of teaching got this piece of art from a 3 comments
klymaxx · 2 weeks ago
When one of my nephews was 5 he gave me a note that said, "Yur a fukken", because I wouldn't let my son sleep over. I laughed so hard at "fuckin'" being used as a noun. My husband and I still use it that way
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A man’s best friend 9 comments
klymaxx · 2 weeks ago
Yeah...I don't get how someone who breaks into a house and gets injured can sue and win. I've read about several cases where the burglar gets hurt somehow, sues and wins.
This guy's lawyer is arguing that “The law is clear that guard dogs are permitted to use reasonable force to neutralize an intruder. Raping an unarmed young man for hours isn’t reasonable force.” And this is all going off of what he claims happened...Something I don't even know if they can prove. "Experts" say the courts may settle for $100,000-$300,000 fine, but I hope she doesn't have to pay a dime
A man’s best friend 9 comments
klymaxx · 2 weeks ago
It's true x_x He's suing the homeowner, a 90 something yr old woman, for $300,000+ for phyical and psychological damage, and is demanding her dogs be euthanized. He waited a whole hour and a half(the amount of time he claims the dogs raped him) before calling the police though, so I think his "psychological damage" is from him enjoyng it, not from being raped lol If a dog rips off my pants and starts sexually assaulting me I'm calling the cops immediately
Correction: He is suing for $850,000
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Ill go first, grab my head 73 comments
klymaxx · 3 weeks ago
Grab my mushroom

Lmao...uhmm, yeah.
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Newest funsubster: I now have one of those trendy COVID babies :D 10 comments
klymaxx · 15 weeks ago
Aww, congratulations on your tiny human! What a cutie!
My baby's about to turn 2, so not really a baby anymore haha It's bittersweet.
Enjoy the adventure!
Gladiator Predictive Text Game for the Truly Bored 53 comments
klymaxx · 20 weeks ago
My name is Ryan Jones.
Commander of the armies of the bugs.
Loyal servant to the lord of all the info.
And I will have my vengeance. In this life, or a life that is not from the elements of life.
I'm a dinosaur, that's why I didn't know 70 comments
klymaxx · 21 weeks ago
I'm a Sagittarius and that's why I want to get in her and get it all over my hands

It's good but not buy at full price good 3 comments
klymaxx · 22 weeks ago
This is me with movies. My son is always asking "Can we get this movie? Can we get that movie?" And I'm like "Not for $25, no. Let's wait a month and get it for $5 at Redbox"
Fake facts you were taught. 34 comments
klymaxx · 22 weeks ago
That oil and gas is made from dinosaurs, and that's why they're called fossil fuels
I'm not sure if that was ever considered fact and disproven, but it's something I was taught in school that I have since learned is not true
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Probably sfw 4 comments
klymaxx · 23 weeks ago
This is actually one of the pics on my screensaver lol
It's always sunny predictive text game 77 comments
klymaxx · 24 weeks ago
The gang has a cutie Dachshund and they are from the upside-down part of the other town and I have the Lavender scented eyeballs that dawdle around picking flowers
Ah yes, people 4 comments
klymaxx · 25 weeks ago
In case anyone else was wondering why someone had 50 grams of dried semen in their house...
"...The victim, 34-year old Jenny White, returned to her Silver Springs Shores apartment last month to discover that several sex toys and accessories as well a collection of pornographic movies were missing.
Ms. White, a hard time Tinder user, also reported a very unique item stolen: a crystal jar containing semen from hundreds of her sexual partners. 'I know it’s weird, but I got every guy I slept with in the last two years to ejaculate in the same jar. There must have been sperm from at least 250 guys in there.'"

What. The. Fuck.
Who is even into the knee? 10 comments
klymaxx · 25 weeks ago
Alright, I don't have a knee fetish but there is a spot on the back of my knees that feels SO good when my husband massages it lol
Zero Context #54 - And Now for Something Completely Different 8 comments
klymaxx · 26 weeks ago
Makes me think of a back roller lol Those tiny feet massaging my spine...Ashiatsu I believe
Harpy Eagles 12 comments
klymaxx · 26 weeks ago
It's head reminds me of Buckbeak from Harry Potter
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Well I’m never gonna smile again 91 comments
klymaxx · 26 weeks ago
Ah yes, I like that much more
Absolutely vicious 7 comments
klymaxx · 26 weeks ago
So does my toddler
pen*s inspection day is not a meme anymore 13 comments
klymaxx · 26 weeks ago
Really? My oldest son has been on 3 different sports teams and he never had a "penis inspection" or physical. Maybe it depends on the state? Or maybe because they weren't school teams?

Edit: lol oh geez...the letter was a prank from some hs student in San Francisco. I'm dumb, I seriously thought the Florida bill called it a "penis inspection"
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Well I’m never gonna smile again 91 comments
klymaxx · 26 weeks ago
That time I got reincarnated as a result of my boys and my husband and my German Shepherd

Uhh, kinda sounds like murder x_x
Sauntering 4 comments
klymaxx · 27 weeks ago
Toddlers everywhere haha My 20mo will take off with his little chest puffed out and one arm swinging like he is on a mission, but he has no idea where he's going lol
The sign at a buffet I just went to 1 comments
klymaxx · 28 weeks ago
The poor fettuccine's alfredo